Zoe - "Sangue Vivo" {Italy} [2000] (Folk) (kindly submitted by Poor)

Sangue Vivo-Live Blood-is the source of the obsessive rhythm to which, since time immemorial, beat the tambourines in the land of Salento, in the extreme South East of Italy. It is done to soothe the dark, painful force that certain people from the area have in their blood. To give it sound, voice and dance steps until it no longer hurts too much. The pain doesn't stop, but for them, as long as the music lasts, it seems possible to forgive life. If the America of slavery had the Blues as its expression of pain, if the young blacks of the urban ghettos talk about misfortune and rage to a rap beat, the people of Salento express their feelings and passions by beating the tambourine and dancing the 'Pizzica', to achieve their trance. The music is not just for expression, but for communication. And the dance is for courting. (reviewed by Raffaella Aprile) You can find more info here




  1. links :
    Part 1 http://lix.in/19fdc9
    Part 2 http://lix.in/e83e12
    Part 3 http://lix.in/31bdc4

    @320 (+ videos, covers included)

  2. WoW, it`s great - ThanX