Quintessence - "In Blissful Company" {UK} [1969] (Progressive)

Progressive rock meets Eastern enlightenment. Formed in April 1969 by Raja Ram in Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London. They played a hybrid of jazz, progressive rock and Indian Music. The original line-up included Shiva Jones (voice, keys, percussion), Raja Ram (flutes, percussion), Sambhu Baba (bass, guitar), Maha Dev (guitar), Allan Mostert ((guitar), and Jake Milton (drums, percussion). Quintessence were tagged a 'spiritual' band and were playing new age rock before the term was born. Although their evangelism in retrospect might seem to be a bit over the top, the music retains its beauty created by some highly individual souls.

A short extract there from, http://www.mooncowhq.ch/Quintessence/index.htm

Do not worry if the evangelism mentioned puts you off, there are plenty of exciting psych guitar parts on this. If you like sitars & flutes combined with blistering guitar then you will like this. Personally I really like (at the very least) their first three albums.


1 - Giants

2 - Manco Capac

3 - Body

4 - Ganga Mai

5 - Chant

6 - Pearl And Bird

7 - Notting Hill Gate

8 - Midnight Mode

Bonus Tracks

1 - Notting Hill Gate - Single Version

2 - Move Into The Light