Osiris - "Osiris" {Bahrein} [1982] (Prog Rock)

Osiris is the only Progressive Rock band from Bahrein. This band plays a refined, carefully worked-out progressive rock with delicate and tasteful melodies. The sound of this group reminds the British prog bands of the 70's like Camel, Genesis, Caravan and they like the combination between the numerous instruments: guitar, two keyboards, flute, vibes & percussions. Their nice melodies and subtle musical structures are close to Camel, with a touch of Genesis and Yes.(progarchives)

Track listing
1. Fantasy (6:00)
2. Sailor on the Seas of Fate (11:46)
3. Struggle to survive (5:01)
4. Atmun (5:11)
5. Embers of a Flame (5:00)
6. A Story of Love (6:15)
7. Paradox in A Major (4:06)
8. Look Before You Leap (bonus track) (4:13)

- Mohamed Al-Sadeqi / guitar, vocals
- Abdul Razak-Aryan / keyboards, vocals
- Nabil Alsadeqi / drums
- Sabah Alsadeqi / lead vocals
- Abdul Razzak Arian / organ and other keyboards
- Nader Sharif / piano and other keyboards
- Ali Khonji / bass

StRuggle to suRvive..

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