Dag Vag - "Scenbuddism " {Sweden} [1979] (Reggae Rock)

Just like Docenterna, who formed two years later, Dag Vag used the punk wave to launch themselves. They took a punk name and released just one punk single before turning to alternative pop. But where Docenterna started to play catchy modern pop, keeping some of the punk attitude, Dag Vag's main influences could be found in the Swedish progressive movement, among bands like Träd, Gräs & Stenar, as well as in world music and reggae. These influences were then used to create something that was still very much pop. If not unique, it was at least rare on the Swedish rock scene in the '80s. Dag Vag have also meant much for Swedish alternative music in providing a connecting link to the '70s where most '80s bands chose to turn their backs on the preceding decade.

Vig was the leader of the band Hottentots, which developed into Dag Vag. At first, they called themselves Dag Vag & Svagsinta, but after the first single they shortened it to Dag Vag. A musical change also took place, from punk to reggae-influenced pop, as they scored a hit with a cover of Anita Lindblom's "Sånt är Livet." Dag Vag had already made a name for themselves in alternative circles when their full-length debut was released in 1979. The album kept the reggae influences, but also showed traces of new wave. Settels left the temporarily group and Bäckström was replaced by Kenny Håkansson for the recording of the live album Scenbuddism, and after big success with their next studio album, the band decided to try to promote themselves abroad. read more here

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