Skorpio - 'Skorpio - "A Rohanas" [1975] (@192)' and 'Skorpio - "Ünnepnap" [1976] (@320)' {Hungary} (2 Albums) (Hard Prog Rock)

Of course not to be confused with SCORPIONS, because SKORPIO hail from Hungary, and they released their album ‘Rohanas’ 30 years ago, so it might sound a bit dated here and there. However, SKORPIO still proves they could definitely play classic 70s orientated Hardrock, which was obviously influenced by DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and LED ZEPPELIN. They sounded very professional and were maybe one of the first real hardrockbands from Hungary. Their re-issued album ‘A rohanas’ also contains 3 unreleased bonustracks, so for a die-hard fan of the band this is already somewhat like a must to check out. In total we can find 12 songs, and the band was also specialised in some long instrumental passages (such as on the progrock piece “Fantaszia”) and adding some pop influences (trumpet), but the best songs are the pure 70s Hardrocksongs “Jo lenne, ha szeretnel” (DEEP PURPLEish), “Keresem, keresem”, “A rohanas” (a la LED ZEPPELIN), “Hosszu az ut” (one of the strongest song, a bonustrack!) and “Minden nap megtortenhet velem” (a la HEEP). So here’s another band to check out and like most of the other Hungarian acts recently reviewed, I also hope to review their other releases, because you never know if they released even better records than the ones you get to hear first. More info at:

Skorpio’s debut album (1975) was a storming album full of deep progressive rock and 70’s rock sensitivities. This 4 piece rock band combined heavy guitar with deep and vivid Moog synth, bass and percussion elements. Hungary was responsible for some excellent prog rock and Skorpio would be right up there for definite consideration. Skorpio’s music is a blend of the space tendencies of Solaris with the 70’s vibes of Queen. They even draw onto this album snippets of “Rhapsody In Blue” ! Karoly Frenreisz (bass guitar, saxes and vocals) was in the original 1970’s line up of Hungary’s LOCOMOTIV before joining Skorpio.

- Frenreisz Karoly / Bass, Sax
- Szucs Antal Gabor / Guitar
- Papp Gyula / Keyboards
- Gekete Gabor / Drums, Percussion

Skorpio - "A Rohanas" [1975] (@192)

01 - A Rohanas (2:48)
02 - Jo Lenne, Ha Szeretnel (4:09)
03 - Fantazia (Gershwin A 'Raphsody In Blue' Temaira) (7:34)
04 - Maskepp Dobogna (5:04)
05 - Igy Szolt Hozzam A Dedapam (3:34)
06 - Keresem, Keresem (7:38)
07 - Miert Kkell Elfelednem (4:04)
08 - Minden Nap Megtortenhet Velem (6:29)
09 - Esti Enek (3:06)
10 - Hosszu Az Ut (Kislemez 1973) (4:29)
11 - Szevasz, Haver (Kislemez 1973) (4:16)
12 - Szikrazzatok, Lanyok ('Szikrazzatok Lanyok' Filmzene 1973) (3:35)

02 - Jo Lenne, Ha Szeretnel ...
03 - Fantazia .....................
06 - Keresem, Keresem ...

Skorpio - "Ünnepnap" [1976] (@320)

01 - Menetirány (3:28)
02 - Rongylábkirály (3:44)
03 - Ne Haragudj Rám (4:17)
04 - Ágnes (2:36)
05 - Ünnepnap (6:35)
06 - Mondd, Te Szép Lány (3:52)
07 - Vezess át az éjszakán (6:24)
08 - Ha Újra Kezdenénk (3:52)
09 - Nyújtsd A Kezed, Barátom (3:19)
10 - Újra Az Úton (3:39)
11 - Lead Me Now Through The Night (6:11)

01 - Menetirány ......
05 - Ünnepnap ...

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  2. Wouah! Thank you Isabelc for these astounding SKORPIO pieces! I like it very much! This is exactly where glamrock bands (like Sweet ) and seventies bands like Mahogany Brain or the Good Rats begin and progrock (like who?) ends. Epic, funny, greasy and tasty : thank you!


  3. Hi! Im very happy to hear about Skorpio at a site which is not from hungary.
    IMHO "Ünnepnap" (at the bottom of the article) is one the best hungarian music from the 70's.
    Gabor-s guitar plyaing is stunning, breathtaking etc. here.

  4. You ROCK!! I have a Zalatanay Sartola album where Skorpio is backing them up. I have been looking for their solo stuff for a while. Thanks sooo much.

  5. Thanks alot for this, does anybody know how to get the other Skorpio Albums? A friend of mine wants them, everything except for Ünnepnáp and Kelj Fell