Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon # 025 With The Herbalist (Folk: Psych, Neo, Acid, Dark, Old & New)

Important Announcement:

Hello my friends.. I have an announcenment to make today. This will be the last show of the first incarnation of The Voice of The Moon.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing the show anymore. I will stop doing it at this point for some reasons that I think I should explain to those who follow the show regularly.

First, the collaborators of the blog are doing a fantastic job posting rare and great albums. So many good albums actually, that the show’s posts get lost in between many great album posts and only regular followers see the show’s posts. The effort of doing the show gets too diluted in the actual configuration of the blog, and blogging, I think, (or at least blogging for musical reasons) is actually about posting albums and not about radio. The radio show was done precisely to show things that usually are not posted in the blog. Specially some genres that go beyond Prog Rock. As the weeks go by I receive less and less comments. That proves my point.

I said that the effort gets too diluted in the blog and I must add (second reason for stopping) that it takes time and energy to do a show like this. Technically it demands selecting the tracks, planning, editing, mixing, normalizing, backing up, re encoding, uploading, writing, finding nice froggy images, etc and only few people seems to enjoy it.

I like to think that the show is not too boring and that the problem is that the blog’s actual state and configuration is not the best frame for it. I suppose that people see so many good albums that they do not care for the show.

I expect that soon the website will have a special feature for the radio show... when that is done ( and after I am back from the operation I have to undergo and then after I take a month away for vacation) I will be back. I think.

Meanwhile keep coming to the blog and enjoy the great job the guys and girls are doing here.

This last show of the first incarnation of The Voice of The Moon is about folk. I have tried to reach an equilibrium point between the old psych-folk school and more contemporary acid or dark folk.

I truly hope you like it.

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments.

Merry Christmas, my dear friends.

Be happy and…

Keep Listening…!!!


  1. Thanks Herbalist, I always enjoyed your shows. Judging by the selections and sound quality, you have put a lot of effort into your podcasts and they are truly fantastic to listen to. I also understand your frustration. I had even responded to your posts before, and sometimes, they never get posted? Anyway, I hope you do continue.

    PS: I realize I asked this before, but is there any chance you can reup the following shows I'm missing?:

    Missing: 01-10, 12, 13, 15, 17

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hello Schizoid:
    Well I must tell you that you're one of the reasons why I tried to do the show as best as I could.. I remeber your comments yes. I don't know why some of them kept unpublished. I am not the person who moderates the comments here at pnf. I am sure it was a mistake though, nothing done on purpose and I do apologize for that.
    Anyway... I am almost 24/7 at soulseek under the nickname The Herbalist.
    Look for me there and mesage me and I will put all the missing shows online for you and those who want them.
    Many many thanks for your nice comments my friend.

    Hope we can chat at soulseek.

  3. ProgNotFrog is indeed a fantastic blog and I agree, due to its popularity, that mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, no one is really at fault. Anyway.., I appreciate your comments and think it's very kind of you to repost the missing shows. Thanks again for all your great efforts Herbalist and have a great Holiday!!!

  4. Hi Jaime,

    you know i enjoyed your shows very much (maybe except for the party shows). You informed me of your decision and i respect it.

    I know you will come back.

    Take care!

  5. Hey the shows have been great! but as I see it, we all need a break from things. We'll look forward to the return!



    PS - Any chance of getting a repost of #17?

  6. Oops just saw your post above, I'll add you to my list on SLSK. Let me know if you have any requests as well. Cheers!


  7. i hope youll be back soon
    i really liked your show