Underground Sunshine "Let There Be Light" {USA} [1969] - Psychedelic

I stumbled acrosss this Ultra Rare Psych album a year or so ago and it has 1 track that is really good along with some covers of other bands songs that are Bubblegum style.
The song in question is called "Take Me Break Me" and lasts just over 11 minutes, it has great sounds (sadly there is a vynil jump on this).
They were more famous in the USA for their chart appearance with a cover of the Beatles "Birthday".
The album opens with another Beatles cover "Don't Let Me Down". Also, the band do cover songs of "Proud Mary", "Gimme Some Lovin" & "Bad Moon Rising". Apparently even battered copies of this have attracted large amounts on E-Bay.
Don't be put off by the cover songs as "Take Me Break Me" (even with the jump) is worth the listen.
01 - Don't Let Me Down (4' 08)
02 - Proud Mary (3'33)
03 - Gimme Some Lovin (8'47)
04 - All I want Is You (3'05)
05 - Birthday (2'50)
06 - Don't Shut Me Out (2'52)
07 - Bad Moon Rising (2'25)
08 - Take Me Break Me (Short Version) (2'54)
09 - Take Me Break Me (Long Version) (11'15)
10 - Link Track (0'43)
11 - Single "Nine To Five" (2'35)

I think the "Link Track" was added because other bands of the time did similar things (i.e. the Beatles Sgt Pepper's). The Single is not on the album - I just added it to make the Underground Sunshine recorded output as complete as possible.
A couple of band members contacted this Online Forum to explain about Take Me Break Me as the track gained something of a cult status:-
192 samples on the album 128 for the single (which sounds In-Complete).

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