Nigel Kennedy & The Kroke Band - "East Meets East" {UK} [2003] (@192)

As a classical violinist, Nigel Kennedy has always cultivated a very careful reputation as a rebel (scruffy beard, spiky hair, no bow tie) while making a comfortable living playing a generally pretty safe repertoire; audiences who wouldn't cross the street to hear genuinely difficult music by Elliott Carter or Michael Tippett could go listen to the T-shirted Kennedy play The Four Seasons and feel like they were on the cutting edge. Outside the classical arena, his projects have been a bit more interesting, and none has been more affecting than this eerily lovely collection of new compositions and folk tunes drawing on Polish and other Eastern European traditions. Teamed up with the Krakow band Kroke (violist and flutist Tomasz Kukurba, accordionist Jerzy Bawol, and string bassist Tomasz Lato), Kennedy delivers a set of tunes that are, by turns, dramatic, soothing, emotionally tormented, and romantically yearning. Lullaby for Kamila and One Voice are not only two of the loveliest performances of Kennedy's recorded career, they are also two of the most gently affecting compositions committed to tape in any genre in recent memory. Ajde Jano features a beautiful cameo appearance by the brilliant (and recently ubiquitous) singer Natacha Atlas, and Kukush showcases Kennedy's electric violin in a very sonically interesting setting. (As does T 4.2, though the latter is much less musically interesting than Kukush.) Highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

01 - Ajde Jano (4:24)
02 - Lullaby For Kamila (3:24)
03 - T 4.2 (6:11)
04 - Eden (6:06)
05 - Dafino (2:51)
06 - Jovano Jovanke (4:25)
07 - Ederlezi (5:47)
08 - Kazimierz (3:28)
09 - One Voice (4:54)
10 - Tribute to Maria Tanase (3:11)
11 - Time 4 Time (5:20)
12 - Vino (6:03)
13 - Lost in Time (4:22)
14 - Kukush (4:42)

- Nigel Kennedy / Violin, Violin (Electric)
- Tomasz / Double Bass - Jerzy Bawol / Accordion, Vocals
- Miles Bould / Guest Appearance, Percussion
- Tomasz Kukurba / Flute, Percussion, Viola, Vocals
- Kroke Band
- Kraków Philharmonic / Guest Appearance, Strings
- Natacha Atlas / Guest Appearance, Vocals
- Mo Foster / Bass (Electric), Guest Appearance
- Aboud Abdul Aal / Guest Appearance, Violin

01 - Ajde Jano ..........
02 - Lullaby For Kamila ...
11 - Time 4 Time ....................

Thanks to my friend ribeirorock for his recommendation .-)

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  1. GREAT thanks!one of the 2 kennedy's album i was looking for!the other is KAFKA!i hope to "see" it someday!

    Regards from greece!

  2. uffffff this is awesome!! obrigadooooooooooooooo isabelll :)