Captain Beyond "First Album" {USA} [1972] (Rock)

Captain Beyond were formed in Los Angeles, California with Rod Evans (Original Lead Vocals on Deep Purple 1st Album), Larry (Rhino) Reinhardt, Lee Dorman (both from Iron Butterfly) and Bobby Caldwell (played drums with Johnny Winter).

This, (their first and I think their best) album was released in 1972. It is Rock with Progressive influences. As I described "Dumpy's Rusty Nuts" as Kick Ass Blues - I think the term applies here as Kick Ass Rock.

I rate this band as 5 STAR.

Rod Evans - Vocals
Larry Reinhardt - Guitar
Lee Dorman - Bass
Bobby Caldwell - Drums.

01 - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
02 - Armworth
03 - Myopic Void
04 - Mesmerization Eclipse
05 - Raging River Of Fear
06 - Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Intro)
07 - Frozen Over
08 - Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Go)
09 - I Can't Feel Nothin' Part 1
10 - As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)
11 - Astral Lady
12 - As The Moon Speaks (Return)
13 - I Can't Feel Nothin' Part 2

320 Sampled.


  1. the way they are expressing what they feel it's unique

  2. I'd agree with that (certainly on this album) - The Tribute Album is real good too. Guess that deserves an upload. Plenty of European Prog bands on that - The Flower Kings for one.

  3. Happy New Year to the ProgNotFrog staff

  4. Diggin' that cover. Reminds me of those old 70s space-based Marvel comics.

  5. Thanks to all you people who have found this useful - Especially those who left a comment :o)

  6. I don't know how old you are but this is the first album that I recognized on your site and a very tasty one! I'm 50, a son who is 30 and we both enjoy music. Turned him on to this vinyl a few years ago. Nice find! Great nitche site.

  7. What a cool album. It just keeps coming at you the whole time without letting up! This is exactly the kind of heavy prog I really dig.

  8. This is a very good album...
    I think it's the best one from this band

    do you know where can I find the others two albums?

  9. this is great stuff, thank you so much for this!!