Yes - "Hangman & The Papist" {UK TOTP} [1971] Video Clip

This one is for fun. They are announced as Yes. Yet the performance is all about Dave Cousins of the Strawbs. I suspect there was a collaboration between the Strawbs and Yes to confuse the Top Of The Pops people here in the UK.

Hope there are people out there who can help with the info. I certainly suspect we have 1 poster from Brazil who knows MORE about Dave Cousins than I do so this is also a Christmas gift to her.

Oh yes... look out for Rick Wakeman running a PAINT Roller across his keyboard :o)


  1. ??? It worked for me tonight. Please try again. It was not removed by me.

  2. This is however, the Strawbs (as I first indicated) I have no idea why they are announced as Yes though.
    tells about the appearance being tagged the Hangman and The Paint Roller.

  3. Hi ZaXXoN


    Very very thank you!!!!!