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Bowl - "Bowl" {Netherlands} ['75-'77] progressive rock

bowl appeared in the scene of netherlands at mid seventies. they did several concerts. as far as i know they never came up with a release under a label, however several songs recorded on their live concerts in time, and what we got in this album is the songs that rescued from old tapes. about the album, it has so nice atmosphere beautified with baraque elements. the sound is similar to the bands like camel, alquin and kayak. there is not even a dull song on the album, and for some songs i like to listen over and over. as the time passes some members changed, some new joined. musicians in the records were; Hessel Hoornveld(Bass guitar, guitar), Hans Elmers(Vocals), Johan Spiering(Keyboards), Bas Blom(Guitar), Hans Andringa(Drums), Herman Meyer(Guitar), Bob Schaafsma(Guitar). A hidden gem for the lovers of 70s progressive rock.

tHe pLacK..
staNding beFoRe thE winDoW..

thanks to ertwen :)

Giger Lenz Marron - "Beyond" {Germany} [1977] jazz/fusion

Formed by former Dzyan members Peter Giger and Eddy Marron, along with jazz bassist Günter Lenz, this super trio offered a more jazz oriented yet similar music to Dzyan, but with a jazzier feel. Without the electronics and weirdness of Dzyan, their music centred around Peter Giger's flowery percussion and Eddy Marron's multi-guitars and ethnic saz, and was much more jazz-fusion based. Giger.Lenz.Marron dabbled with unusual time signatures and lots of experimentation with Eastern musics and off-beat rhythmic structures. read more here


Mara! - "Images" {Australia} [1984] prog folk

Mara!’s musicians are among the most highly regarded world and jazz players in Australia. Together in Mara! they create one of Australia’s most exciting, innovative and uplifting ensembles.
Over the last 25years, Mara! have developed a unique musical style which fuses folk roots with modern jazz expressionism, adding influences from rock to early music, while journeying through Anglo-Celtic, middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean traditions. Nowadays Mara! perform many original works which are a musical mirror where these flavours find their dazzling reflection. Fronted by the remarkable and magnetic voice of Mara Kiek, Mara! have brought their virtuosic concert performances…read more here

dAance oF ZalonGou..
sAdina jaNA..
NeSa NeSa..

The Helpful Soul - "A Thousand And One Night" {Japan} [1969]

The career of the Helpful Soul was a real case of wrong place, wrong time - for they hit their blues stride just as heavy blues was becoming hard rock, and graduated to heavy rock too late to capitalise on even that brief fad. However, they recorded one outstanding track, the ten-minutes-plus of "Peace For Fools", which appeared on their otherwise bog-standard blues dirge debut LP. This track in itself separates them from all Japanese blues bands for it is a Kim Fowleyan masterpiece of Jim Morrison mystical doggerel/truly possessed nihilist genius. Unfortunately, leader Junio Nakahara was so inspired by witnessing a performance by Blues Creation, when his band supported them at the Too Much Festival, that he was soon after driven to change his own name to Tstomu Ogawa while his band became known as ... Too Much.

I think this album is a soundtrack of a movie and I'm sorry but I'm not sure it is complete. Maybe I just have the tracks of the band Helpful Soul. Any information or help is welcome. (New link with complete album in comments)

- Junio Nakahara – lead vocalist and slide guitar
- Gene Shoji – lead guitar
- Charles Che - bass
- Eiichi Tsukasa – drums

- A Thousand And One Night (Victor, 1969)
- Aladin's Theme 7" EP (Victor, 1969)
- The Helpful Soul First Album (Victor, 1970)

The Dance Of The Bandits...
The Torture...

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Arkadaş - "Arkadaş & Live in Poland" {Switzerland} ['84-'86] turkish jazz/fusion

If you enjoy the works of Okay Temiz like Oriental Wind, Sevda; then this is something for you. The band name arkadaş means friend in turkish. arkadaş was a swiss band appeared in early 80s and did 2 nice albums. Their music is a kind of free form jazz fusion with turkish folk spices. a hidden treasure for the lovers of east meets west works.

LiVe pL..

thanks to osurec :)

Akacis - "Akacis" {Latvia} [1979] progressive rock

Akacis, a musical group that existed from 1977 into the 1990s, was the longest lived Latvian-American rock band of its time. While groups like Čikāgas piecīši and Trīs no Pārdaugavas performed and were influenced by traditional songs, Akacis was one of the first Latvian-American groups to be guided by more contemporary sounds, with aspects in its music of pop, hard rock, progressive rock, and even jazz rock, folk and reggae.
The group performed throughout North America and Europe at Latvian song festivals, American Latvian Youth Organization (Amerikas latviešu jaunatnes apvienība, or ALJA) events and many other functions. The band also toured Latvia during the cultural exchanges of the Third National Awakening from 1989-1990.
The group’s name means “pit in a bog” in English, and is similar to the literal definition of the word “quagmire,” something the group would later allude to when it gave itself the more “American” name of Quags. Why the band chose the name Akacis (the name itself was suggested by drummer Aivars Šmits) remains unclear, but apart from the standard reason of “it sounds cool,” there is also more here


a hidden treasure! Thanks to Valdis :)

Percewood's Onagram - "Lessons For Virgins" {Germany} [1971]

Percewood's Onagram had already found its own, original style of music and it wasn't "Kraut-Rock" at all, they sounded more like an English or American band. P. O.'s music is a strange and unique combination of R&B, Beat, Psychedelic, Folk and (garage-, livingroom-, prewave-) Rock. Catchy, timeless songs, rough and beautiful at the same time with pretentious sometimes provoking critical - but again timeless lyrics. Presented by the band in perfect English and unusual phrasing and backed up by strong acoustic & electric guitars, piano, harmonica, drums and bass. (A combination and sound of instruments that many new groups of today go back to ...)

01 - High in the Sky
02 - Seven Minds
03 - Summer Song
04 - Good Time on Earth
05 - Lesson for a Virgin
06 - Set You Free
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'...
08 - Seven Minds
09 - Sumer Song
10 - Good Time on Earth

- Wolfgang Michels (vocals, guitar)
- Klaus Kaufmann (piano)
- Eddy Muschketat (harp, percussion)
- Hans Jürgen "Jojo" Ludwig (drums, 1969-73)
- Peter Conant-Schaffer (lead guitar, 1973-74)
- Geary Priest (drums, 1973-74)
- Gerald Heinemann (vocals, percussion, 1973-74)
- Uwe "Bass" Meyer (bass, 1974)

05 - Lesson for a Virgin...
06 - Set You Free...
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'......

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Steve Drake Band - "Nature Intended” {USA} [1976]

It’s not known exactly how Steve Kaczorowski/Drake and Tiger Lily got hooked up; possibly he simply sent them a demo of one of his karaoke collections, as was his style, and Tiger Lily released it with no strings attached, as was their style. In any event, it is appropriate to the label that the Kacz-man here took his karaoke rock concept to even further heights: he stopped bothering with the vocal overdubs, but simply taped a bunch of tracks from obscure UK import albums and christened them Steve Drake Band recordings! The selection is even more schizophrenic and unlikely, throwing you abruptly between different soundscapes and moods. As on the earlier albums, several tracks inexplicably retain their original titles, rather than being anonymized under new headings. more...

A1 Nature Intended
A2 Rap On
A3 Slark
A4 Adam And I
B1 Somebody
B2 Dave Ross & Me
B3 Eastern Wind
B4 Perfect Love
B5 Jennie's Extravaganza

Thanks to obscuremusic

A1 Nature Intended...
A4 Adam And I...

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