Jim Matheos - "First Impressions" {USA} [1993] (experimental ) (@ 256)

"None of Fates Warning's previous output gave any indication that Jim Matheos could play like this. Even after Fates Warning moved from heavy metal to more progressive music, the guitar sound remained metallic This is not so much an impressive guitar recording as it is a pretty one. His sound, compositions and arrangements are stunning and full of emotion. The one song that stands out here is "Pause for Paws." It is without question Matheos' most impressive guitar moment captured on disc. When the time comes for Jim to hang up his electric guitar with Fates Warning, it is hoped that he returns to this style. This is a very reflective listen and a major stamp of credibility to a musician who has remained committed and focused on his musical goals. " review from www.allmusic.com,

1. Remembering Rain
2. Winter's Thaw
3. Gay Head
4. Metaphysical Soup
5. Laurel Dawn
6. The Air of Autumn
7. Three Wishes
8. Pause For Paws
9. Silent Snow, Secret Snow

line up :
Jim Matheos - Guitar
Eugene Friesen - Cello
Charlie Bisharat - Violin

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