Anamorphose - Palimpseste{Belgium}[1986](Jazz rock/Zeuhl)

ANAMORPHOSE's music is at the crossroads between JULVERNE, COMPANYA ELECTRICA DHARMA and GWENDAL, with elements of an inspired jazz rock. "Live" presents great themes with subtle arrangements, lit up by violin, flute or keyboards solos.



  1. Hi guys!

    Let's mention what "anamorphose" and "palimpseste" means, all right?

    "Anamorphose" is a kind of hidden meaning in a painting or a text. See "The Ambassadors" by Holbein for example, there's a drawing hidden in the picture. A "palimseste" is a text which has been formerly erased for a new text to be written on the same material and then, by technical means, the old text appears again.

    Ok, enough serious comments, let's dance now!


  2. I take it you're looking for artwork for this? If so, send me an e-mail ( and I will be glad to e-mail it to you or upload it for you.

  3. Armute, thanks for information!
    please, keep up informing us...

    Thanks for help falco_car.
    Glad you like the album.

    Anonymous, thanks to you too.

  4. I was looking to buy this (still am) and must say this is even better than I had anticipated.
    Excellent album.


  5. What a great album this, combination of fusion, jazz, classical elements and so many interesting and varied sections. Thanks a lot!


  6. I've been giving this quite a listen, a really interesting album...
    The Belgium side of things is always intriguing and often hard to grasp.
    A great post,

  7. Exelent!
    Very good.....thanks a lot

  8. François Dumont d'AyotFebruary 9, 2009 at 5:18 AM

    Hi everybody,

    My name is François Dumont d'Ayot, and I am one the the 2 foundators (with Olivier Lamorthe, keyboards player) of Anamorphose (a french group of Annecy in haute Savoie, not a belgian one).
    If you ever need informations about this group, or eventually an exemplary of this LP, I still own a couple of them and could let one or two go to a passionate listener.
    Tahnks to contact me at :
    or 33(0) 6 75 47 23 96 (mobile phone)