Richard Wright - "Wet Dream" {UK} [1978] (Prog Rock) (@ 256)

Absolutely the most underrated album from any Floyd member for many years. God knows why? This in essence could almost be a Floyd album all on it's own. Incredible to think that also Gilmour's first solo album was also hatched at this time, Wet Dream has great contributions from Snowy White on guitar, Mel Collins on Sax, Juliette Wright with lyrics but most of all Rick Wright himself. the album is richly laden in deep textures of prog, jazz and just plain old Floydian styles. 'Against all Odds' questions the deep emotion behind relationships and their subesequent break ups. 'Waves' a perfect instrumental with stunning sax from Mel Collins. ' Summer Elegy ' for me perhaps the most slick Floyd style sing along. Let's face it when Rick Wright sings well there is probably not a better vocalist from Pink Floyd. Apologies Waters and co.' Drop in from the top' and ' Funky Deux' are excellent jazzy funk rockers and it's classics like these that introduced me to jazz/fusion in the first place. No poor songs on this album. A solid five stars for the most consumate of professionals and his first perfect solo album.
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tracklist :
1. Mediterannean C (3:52)
2. Against the Odds (3:59)
3. Cat Cruise (5:15)
4. Summer Elegy (4:53)
5. Waves (4:20)
6. Holiday (6:12)
7. Mad yannis Dance (3:19)
8. Drop in from the Top (3:26)
9. Pink's song (3:27)
10. Funky Deux (4:57)

line up :
- Richard Wright / vocals, keyboards, Oberheim synthesizer
- Mel Collins / saxophone, flute
- Snowy White / guitars
- Larry Steele / bass
- Reg Isadore / drums

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  2. i saw the original of this at a friends house and had forgot about it over time. But as soon as i saw the cover :D i remembered how good it was :)


  3. I said it before and I'll say it again, the variety in your selections are worth a visit to your site alone! Keep up the great work!