Lard Free - ''Unnamed''[1971-1972]{France}(Rock In Opposition/Freak-Out)

Biography: LARD FREE was a bit the project of Gilbert Hartman much the same way that HELDON was Richard Pinhas's project. Both groups hold many common points namely highly experimental but yet accessible music that can be likened to Krautrock, a good understanding of minimalist music such as TERRY RILEY, constant personnel changes and the same musical influences namely CAN, ENO and Robert FRIPP. Both Pinhas and Hartman collaborated on each other's albums.
LARD FREE's eponymous debut album is full of great spacey rock with searing guitars, superb drumming and great sax and bass playing. The follow-up "I'm Around Midnight" veered more towards electronics spacey layers sounding even more like they would come from the other the Rhine River. The last album called III but also known as "Spirale Malax" is yet even more Krautrock sounding and can be likened to some of the best TANGERINE DREAM albums of that era. Recently Spalax Records released a fourth album called "Unnamed" that was recorded well prior to the debut album around 71 & 72. It shows the band in yet another totally different mood this time close to RIO. Some real explicit moments and the music slaps you musically around a few times before you understand what is happening to you.
Album: It is an interesting mix of late sixties free jazz, early seventies jazz rock (Miles Davis, Soft Machine), and semi-improvisational free rock with a slightly psychedelic sensibility. Lots of ghostly sounding vibraphone solos, stuttering saxophone outbursts and freaky jazz guitar runs can be heard. "Petit Tripou du Matin" seems to have vague ethnic influences with its raga-ish sounding electric guitar and slightly oriental sounding saxophone.

Lard Free - "cochonailles":
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    7. À chacun son boulez

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