Vãn Züllatt - "O Casulo" {Brasil} [2008] (prog/fusion)

Sometime ago a friend of mine pass me a download link of a band from Brasil (thanks Paulo!) It was Vãn Züllatt's O Casulo album. Vãn Züllatt is a band from Brasil that formed in 2002 and making music since then. The album reminds me 70s belgian band Recreation which i shared with my friends nearly 3 years before. There are extremely nice moments on the album, It starts like Yes's Heart of Sunrise then quickly change to a samba fusion, goes with Santanaic funk and your journey begins, good that tempo never downs and rapidly the atmosphere changes. i searched the net hoping to find some more info, then i learned the album that i am sharing with you now, allows me to distrubute freely (http://palcomp3.cifraclub.terra.com.br/vanzullatt/) ,make me happy to share with you. There is also some more info at that page to dive deep to Vãn Züllatt.

members: Marcelo Silva (drums) Gabriel Mattos (bass) Jonatã Müller (guitar) e Cleber Vaz (keyboard)




  1. It's very nice to know that people out of Brazil are enjoying our first album. At this time we're working on two new albums that shall come out at the end of this year but until then you can enjoy this video from a show last year http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TJYDFFC1

    More info about Vãn Züllatt on vanzullatt@gmail.com
    Vãn Züllatt

  2. What a music! Thanks a lot.