Ibis - "Ibis" {Sweden} [1974]

Har hört att det ska vara en fortsättning på Vildkaktus med i stort sätt samma uppsättning. Mycket rare platta i jazz-rockens fotspår med Vildkaktus personliga touche. http://progg.se/band.asp?ID=645

Sida A:
1. Maneten (1:22)
2. Fransk Pump och Elektriskt Vatten (5:07)
3. Remrus Selegra (12:06)
4. Anja's Klocka (2:05)

Sida B:
1. Oster och vaster (11:16)
2. Alvan (3:11)
3. = 60 (1:08)
4. Blixtens Gamla Buss (2:59)
5. Horisonter (3:58)

- Gosta Nilsson - Piano
- Island Ostlund - Trummor
- Olle Nilsson - Gitarr
- Tommy Johnsson - Bas

A2. Fransk Pump och Elektriskt Vatten
B1. Oster och vaster

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  1. A great album!
    Any hope to see here also their second

    Ibis - Sabba Abbas Mandlar

  2. I like this!
    Scandinavian rock (jazz) completely passed me by in the seventies - I was too focussed on English, American, our own Kraut and bit of Dutch music. I simply wasn´t aware there was a Scandinavian scene.
    Thanks to you and other friendly people I can solve this utter ignorance.

  3. Wow! I just requested this over in the comments for the Pondus album, and lo-and-behold here it is! Thanks so much! It's a real killer! Interesting to hear about their second one, too. I didn't even know it existed!

  4. Thanks! I have been looking for this album for years! Unfortunately, your mp3 audio clips are no longer working... can you make them work again?


  5. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for your comment :)

    Players works again and you can listen complete album downloading here http://lix.in/-42ef89


    Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!!

    Isabel :o)

  6. Thanks Isabel!

    Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

    Dennis in Arizona USA