Jack Intveld - "I'll Sing of Life" {USA} [1978]

Yes-influenced basement progressive from high school kid multi-instrumentalist.

Private press progressive rock psych record from Minnesota.

A1 Never Mind 7:21
A2 Through Your Window 2:53
A3 Circles 4:20
A4 Stargazer 7:49
B1 The Lake 6:59
B2 To My Friends 4:23
B3 Phantasies 8:37
B4 Soaring 2:24

Jack Intveld - I'll Sing of Life

Posted by KC on ProgNotFrog-Forum: http://pnfforum.com/index.php?topic=7536.0

Thanks a lot to KC for the rip :)

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  1. Hi
    Congratulations for this absolutely rare gem that I ' ve asked in all blogs ! You are very strong after GRACED LIGHTNING !
    A thousand thanks !


    PS : if you' re interested in Jack HAMMOND USA prog 78 , I will post in some weeks at Electric Flower blog ( in comments section )

  2. hi sosgotcha,
    Thanks for your comment and thanks in advance for your post Jack HAMMOND USA prog 78 :)

  3. I too am thrilled to get to hear this obscurity.

  4. Hi Munju
    WOuld you if possible post in lossless quality this JACK INTVELD and send me the link at :
    philippe.lomb@wanadoo.fr ?

    is it possible ?


  5. hi sosgotcha,
    I don't have JACK INTVELD in lossless quality, sorry