Nicodemus - "Spacechild Squall" {USA} [1977]

Recorded May 15, 1977 .... Live at Dungeon Hall - "This is a live recording - Inspired by a vision of the past...." from back cover.

Nicodemus is an outsider biker folk fella from Michigan. This album was recorded “live” in 1977, complete with fake applause track. Total “smoking a jay around the campfire” jams. Amazingly the guy actually has a pretty good voice. He repressed 500 copies of the LP a few years ago.

Mysterious underground US freak who creates a bizarre mixture of electric and acoustic psych weirdness. Incredibly diverse styles are used by Nicodemus as he creates garage psych symphonies that overlay insightful and damaged lyrics.

A1 - Greenland Rider (4:00)
A2 - Flowers In The Cracks (2:36)
A3 - Red Sky (6:48)
A4 - Take Me (4:24)
B1 - Somewhere In The Distance (3:10)
B2 - So I Won't Be Let Down (3:26)
B3 - Adrain The Naval King (3:24)
B4 - Spacechild Squall (3:00)

A2 - Flowers In The Cracks...
A4 - Take Me...

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