Southern Comfort - Southern Comfort (1970 Blues-Rock US)

There are a bunch of different bands known as Southern Comfort. This particular band is composed of Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenites related sessionmen. Nick produced the album too. They got a very west-coasty blues rock sound kinda like Pacific Gas & Electric. However, they are sorta faceless and generic...but professional.

That album is for me great Blues-Rock with mostly cover version but very good covers on some songs Nick Gravenites and Mike Bloomfield plays, another small printed album

Big thanks to Antony


  1. Hi,
    My name is Bob Jones. I was co-leader ( with Fred Burton ) of Southern Comfort. We were Memphis Soul freaks. ( Booker T, Otis, etc. )

    I'm not sure I agree with the "covers" evaluation as many songs were original. Wild Western Cheeta, Mountain Girl, Come and Sit, etc. ). Although Mike contributed writing and Nick produced, they did not play.

    "Faceless"? I'm on five other Bloomfield albums. I started with We Five as lead guitar player but was playing drums by Southern Comfort time. Janice wanted Fred and I to join her soul band but we wanted her to use all of the group so it never happened.

    One of our bass players ( Karl Severied ) now plays with Robert Cray.

    Ron Stallings ( the other singer besides me ) plays with Huey Lewis.

    I played with Mike on the road for ten years after SC and eventually returned to my home state of Hawaii where I continue to play.

    Thanks for recognizing us and our work. We were popular with the players at the time ( like Tower of Power ) and in the bay area but couldn't get help from CBS to break out nationally.

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  2. Also, I have a radio show every wednesday from 2-5pm HST on Also I am finishing up a blues album that sounds pretty good. It will revisit and reprise some of the work I did with Mike B. Tune in for a preview.


  3. oh Bob, i meant totally different things when i wrote faceless (slovakia here) and about the covers, i didnt know the near relationship between musicians around and inside band. mike bloomfield takes a big role on my blues rock pleasure, as i mentioned its a great band, and i am very happy to have your message here.
    i wont miss your next program in :)

    and really thanks for all the infos

    All the best Richard