The Bridge - Overdrive a Rock-Jazz-Party (1972 German Jazz-Rock)

Another album to The Bridge family :) but thats by not same band. Thats by German jazz-rock band with same name to the canadian. They released just that one album. Its a great piece of jazz-rock and sometimes i feel like on a real jazz-rock party but its not a live album. The tracks are well played and somes are really great somes average but the album i very like.

Thanks to Denis


  1. Thanks Ricsi!Alan

  2. HI and Thanks for The Bridge! Where can I find information about the artist? I cannot find anything about them on the web...

    Muchas gracias!

    Ollin from Nor Cali

  3. thanks Ricsi!
    GREAT LP!!!
    kristian schultze on keyboards!
    highly recommended!!!
    top quality sounds!

  4. was looking forward to this, but rar me doesn't connect.

  5. Thanks for all. I will listen and probably i like too, like others posted here. Thanks from Brazil.


  6. This album is in fact "Recreation" by Kristian Schulze Set under another title and band!!!