Dimopoli - Dimopoli (1977 Italian Prog Rock ex-Delirium)

Singer-songwriter Rino Dimopoli released his first album under his surname, and the beautiful cover can make you think of a progressive group. No prog at all, this is only a good songs album.
Dimopoli had played with Four Kents and was the singer in one of the latest mid-70's line-ups of Delirium.

Rino Dimopoli played on keyboards in band Delirium from 74-75 and he was the keyboardist on the 3rd and i think their best album one of my favourite prog albums. That cover is in TOP 10 of my favourite covers but the music not so good as the cover

If someone have more by Rino Dimopoli dont hesitate to contactme im sure that he vae second album:
Rino Dimopoli - Se Nel Cielo... Oltre Il Cielo 1979

Thanks to Fozzy Bear

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