The Bridge - The Bridge (1971 Canada Psych Rock)

Bridge answer the question, for anyone who wishes to know, what happened to the Canadian band David after their lone record on Sound Canada in the late 60s. Guitarist Francis Webster, bassist John Webster, and drummer Tony Lecallion from David make up Bridge who recorded this ultra obscure and rare record at the same Sound Canada studios in 1971. Next to each song is a brief description of the musical genre of each ranging from "Ego Trip" to "Country" to "jazz shuffle." What this album is differs drastically from what you'd expect from David. The best way to describe Bridge's album would be "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" on tons of acid! There is no fuzz guitar, but a clean westcoast shimmering tone on all tracks, bizarre vocal effects on the tripped out "It's My Life" and plenty of weirdness present for the whole album. The tracks that are labeled "Country" all have a strange bent to them despite being early back-to-the-roots country rock influenced by Graham Parsons and "real" country artists like Hank Williams. The long "Ego Trip" version of Little Richard's "You're My Girl" is great fun and the only good version I've heard of one of his songs. There is something here very enjoyable for anyone looking for a bizarre twisted record of fun music, especially "Brand New Day" with echoes of Spirit and a bit of Freeborne. Very rare and a good one. - Ben Blake Mitchner

Its pretty nice rare album released on Vintage Records
If someone have more info dont hesitate to send it to comments

Thanks to Tim and Ivan


  1. Thanx for this post .but could you post the trackslistings.

  2. sorry dont have the tracklisting but why to everyone is so important the tracklist :)

  3. Maybe the tracklist is important to confirm if is not a fake album...

  4. i think on prog not frog are no FAKE albums

  5. how we could know without covers or tracklist? We must trust and believe in the blog owner words. We must believe in these rips that blows between the frog legs!

  6. I think here tracklist dont help tracks i can easily edit and it still can be FAKE album there just covers helps
    But tracks have to have names as:
    Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
    It's My Life
    You're My Girl
    Brand New Day

  7. 1 I Had It But I Lost It
    2 It's My Life
    3 Ain't My Day
    4 Simple Blues Form
    5 Running Away
    6 Brand New Day
    7 You're My Girl
    8 Born To The Country
    9 Barnyard

    That's the track listing if anyone is interested