Mara! - "Images" {Australia} [1984] prog folk

Mara!’s musicians are among the most highly regarded world and jazz players in Australia. Together in Mara! they create one of Australia’s most exciting, innovative and uplifting ensembles.
Over the last 25years, Mara! have developed a unique musical style which fuses folk roots with modern jazz expressionism, adding influences from rock to early music, while journeying through Anglo-Celtic, middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean traditions. Nowadays Mara! perform many original works which are a musical mirror where these flavours find their dazzling reflection. Fronted by the remarkable and magnetic voice of Mara Kiek, Mara! have brought their virtuosic concert performances…read more here

dAance oF ZalonGou..
sAdina jaNA..
NeSa NeSa..


  1. after uploading the album i noticed it is orginally reviewed at at dec 2008, since i like the album i wanted to bring your attention (one more time) ;)

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  4. Not sure if this is prog, but I think it will interest your readers...

    Afro-ambient noise, meditative minimalism, experimental drones.

    Spread the word.

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