Bowl - "Bowl" {Netherlands} ['75-'77] progressive rock

bowl appeared in the scene of netherlands at mid seventies. they did several concerts. as far as i know they never came up with a release under a label, however several songs recorded on their live concerts in time, and what we got in this album is the songs that rescued from old tapes. about the album, it has so nice atmosphere beautified with baraque elements. the sound is similar to the bands like camel, alquin and kayak. there is not even a dull song on the album, and for some songs i like to listen over and over. as the time passes some members changed, some new joined. musicians in the records were; Hessel Hoornveld(Bass guitar, guitar), Hans Elmers(Vocals), Johan Spiering(Keyboards), Bas Blom(Guitar), Hans Andringa(Drums), Herman Meyer(Guitar), Bob Schaafsma(Guitar). A hidden gem for the lovers of 70s progressive rock.

tHe pLacK..
staNding beFoRe thE winDoW..

thanks to ertwen :)