Percewood's Onagram - "Lessons For Virgins" {Germany} [1971]

Percewood's Onagram had already found its own, original style of music and it wasn't "Kraut-Rock" at all, they sounded more like an English or American band. P. O.'s music is a strange and unique combination of R&B, Beat, Psychedelic, Folk and (garage-, livingroom-, prewave-) Rock. Catchy, timeless songs, rough and beautiful at the same time with pretentious sometimes provoking critical - but again timeless lyrics. Presented by the band in perfect English and unusual phrasing and backed up by strong acoustic & electric guitars, piano, harmonica, drums and bass. (A combination and sound of instruments that many new groups of today go back to ...)

01 - High in the Sky
02 - Seven Minds
03 - Summer Song
04 - Good Time on Earth
05 - Lesson for a Virgin
06 - Set You Free
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'...
08 - Seven Minds
09 - Sumer Song
10 - Good Time on Earth

- Wolfgang Michels (vocals, guitar)
- Klaus Kaufmann (piano)
- Eddy Muschketat (harp, percussion)
- Hans Jürgen "Jojo" Ludwig (drums, 1969-73)
- Peter Conant-Schaffer (lead guitar, 1973-74)
- Geary Priest (drums, 1973-74)
- Gerald Heinemann (vocals, percussion, 1973-74)
- Uwe "Bass" Meyer (bass, 1974)

05 - Lesson for a Virgin...
06 - Set You Free...
07 - Mike, Are You Comin'......

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