Akacis - "Akacis" {Latvia} [1979] progressive rock

Akacis, a musical group that existed from 1977 into the 1990s, was the longest lived Latvian-American rock band of its time. While groups like Čikāgas piecīši and Trīs no Pārdaugavas performed and were influenced by traditional songs, Akacis was one of the first Latvian-American groups to be guided by more contemporary sounds, with aspects in its music of pop, hard rock, progressive rock, and even jazz rock, folk and reggae.
The group performed throughout North America and Europe at Latvian song festivals, American Latvian Youth Organization (Amerikas latviešu jaunatnes apvienība, or ALJA) events and many other functions. The band also toured Latvia during the cultural exchanges of the Third National Awakening from 1989-1990.
The group’s name means “pit in a bog” in English, and is similar to the literal definition of the word “quagmire,” something the group would later allude to when it gave itself the more “American” name of Quags. Why the band chose the name Akacis (the name itself was suggested by drummer Aivars Šmits) remains unclear, but apart from the standard reason of “it sounds cool,” there is also ...read more here


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  1. P.S album name also called "Mani Sauc Pasaule"

  2. Another great band (like Mess)from baltic countries.
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  4. The band was based in the US-first in New York City then in Philadelphia. They released 4 albums and 1 single. The first album was titled "Akacis", second "Tadi ir tie rekini, the third "Apsties to viru" and their last was "Svesa mala".

  5. Great album,thanks so much ,from Japan.
    Isn't there the sleeve of the 1st album?