Third Ear Band "Abelard and heloise" [1970] (Progressive- Experimental, Classic, Medieval, Drone)

Strange album that mix medieval elements with progressive and then add a drone feeling (maybe the first real drone album?).
Some information:

Abelard & Heloise
was the first of two soundtracks to have been commissioned from Third Ear Band; the other was forRoman Polanski's Macbeth. Abelard & Heloise was recorded in 1970 for a film made for release on German television based on the great medieval love story. Like most of their work, this album features the improvised chamber music Third Ear Band developed during the 1970s. While this album is heavy on the hypnotic drone, there are several nice melodic improvisatory sequences, especially on tracks two and five. It's also worth noting that they go don't period with their music for this period film. Simply as a part of a genre, this soundtrack departs significantly from what one expects from a film score, ranging into territory shaped byMick Jagger's work for Kenneth Anger. More than simple counterpoint to the visual information, Third Ear Band seems to have created an independent sonic world, one that would draw the narrative into its very dark space. This album was re-released on the Blueprint label (BP310 CD) in 1999.

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    This has been on my wishie for a long time

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