Bazaar - "Live" {Denmark} [1978] (world/prog folk)

from a review at rym;
"The first album from the little know Danish act is an eclectic mix of diverse music styles. Flagged as a Danish folk act, Bazaar could be a lot of things. There are folk influences a plenty here but it is a folk drawn from Northern European as well as Eastern European influences. In fact the band draw heavily from the folk scenes of countries like Bulgaria and Turkey, but play with a twist of Latin music and hints of rock, though they do so with a conservative approach. Bazaar Live, their debut release, is a double album which includes both live and, I think, studio live performances. Recording live in the studio allows the band to retain a chemistry in the improvisations of the music, which keeps fresh and alive. So what we have here with regard to instrumentation includes a mixture of clarinet, bassoon, organ, guitar, timbales, bongos etc... played by the Peter Bastian, Anders Koppel, Mehmet Ozan and Flemming Quist Møller. Much of the album was recorded live in a small hall in Christiania in Denmark. Christiania has a certain notoriety. Founded, well they actually just broke into the unused army base and took over, by a bunch of hippies in the early seventies and is basically an alternative society, while the use of drugs there is quite liberal to say the least, and its inhabitants are something of a law unto themselves. Though in recent times the law has been keeping close tabs on the goings on there. The eclectic mix of the music and free flowing dope must have made for a great night, the album swings and flows with a gentle humour here and there, and all around the music is packed with tightly arranged instrumentation. Fans of diverse folk would be advised to pick up Bazaar Live, and as a piece of useless information; It was engineered by Flemming Rasmussen, the man who would go to produce Metallica's Master Of Puppets album in 1986."

This 2lp set album has released at 78 and reissued at sometime in 90s, It has a little something from everthing, that everyone may find something interesting. Listening this album is like travelling.



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