Chilliwack "St" {Canada} [1970] (Heavy-Rock Progressive)

Ohhh no not a boring north american heavy rock band again! You think, but I think you should give this band a chance. They mix some kind of Heavy rock with a slightley Jethro Tull feeling one some tracks. I get a feeling that they didn't know what kind of music they wanted to play. Some tracks have flute and saxophone and some have riffing guitars. How ever a really good album my favourit tracks are "Sundown" and " Seventeen" the song "I got you" have marvelous guitar solo and a cool cembalo and organ ackompained. So please enjoy this legendary Parrot label release. This is their first album Chilliwack is a little bit confusing becuse both their first and second album are self titled.
Btw this is a vinyl rip just so you know.

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  1. Munju!...Great Post!
    Thank you...I'm very much Happy your Visit my Blog SérieEchoes.
    Your Blog is my Favorite..
    Your Works Blog Progressive Rock is Beautiful.
    By JF SérieEchoes.

  2. Greetings! I know your blog is presenting non-mainstream music. that's good! Wanna linkexchange with me?

  3. Outstanding LP!!!


  4. THE CHILLIWACK evolved out of the far more psychedelic (and even better) Canadian band THE COLLECTORS who released some singles and 2 LPs in the late 60s.
    The song "Seventeen" is in fact a remake of one of their older songs called Seventeen's Summer.
    There is also a very good best of LP under that name (Seventeen's Summer) which is very much recommended.

  5. That's right Floyd I first listend at The Collectors and bought thier albums on vinyl for some years ago. and just recently I discovered Chilliwack.

  6. Not straight rock by any means, but with rock sensitivities. And they are still touring in some shape or other!

  7. Thanks for this, I used to have the vinyl, but it got overplayed, and I never found a replacement. So thanks very much.