Rüzgargülü - "Rüzgargülü" {Germany} [1990] (trad. folk)

at 1987 an author Karl Adamek published a book about German/Turkish folk songs, and as i informed this album first appeared with this book, Three years later at 1990 album reissued and took its place in music markets. Rüzgargülü (windrose in english) was a Turkish-German music ensemble, that made their journeys thru turkish and german anonymous folk songs.at 90s they were better known with their works, concerts and research of folk music, Altough the album stands for its melodies & rhytmm (like most of the folk) lyrics takes its role in this album. it remind me other bands like Grup Yorum,Kızılırmak that i used to listen a lot in the past. I dont think this band can be named as protest folk, however there is a left wing mood can be felt with selecting of rythmms and some songs.. finaly i want to say that, i listened many songs written for Sacco & Vanzetti, but this one is the nicer & different one that i listened, I wanted to copy/paste some information for Sacco & Vanzetti at the following paragraphs; This album is enough good not to be forgotten. Enjoy!

Rüzgargülü - Katibim

Sacco and Vanzetti

The story of two Italian-born anarchists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, framed for murder and then executed for their beliefs.

"Did you see what I did to those anarchist bastards?"
- Presiding Judge Webster Thayer

Sacco and Vanzetti were committed anarchists who had been active in many workers' struggles. In 1916, Sacco was arrested for taking part in a demonstration in solidarity with workers on strike in Minnesota. In the same year he took part in a strike in a factory in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was here that he met Bartolomeo Vanzetti, who was one of the principal organisers of that strike. Like most anarchists, the two were also active in their opposition to the First World War.

Severe poverty in the post-war years meant that many workers were dissatisfied with the status quo. The authorities were terrified that workers might follow the example of the Russian Revolution, and were doing everything in their power to portray communism and anarchism as 'un-American', and to frighten workers way from 'red' propaganda.

more here & here.

Rüzgargülü - Sacco and Vanzetti


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  1. thank you naha for remembering this case...it's a sad page of "italian" history and for all man kind...unfortunately not so much is changed from those days...but one days somethings will change...thank you again, bro!;)

  2. It's a sad story for the US history! This happened in USA. But yes, it is a sad story for the human kind, as are many...

    Also this is a great movie! And the OST is of course excellent ENnio Morricone / Joan Baez. That letter that the father wrote to his son is heartbreaking...

    As for the album, it is a nice slice of World-ish Folk and yes Here's To You cover is beautiful.