Mount Everest "ST" {Sweden} [1972] (Jazz)

Formed in 1971 by the saxophonist Gilbert Holmström bass player kjell Jansson and the drummer Conny Sjökvist. Their first album was released in 1971 and are in my opinion their best one. They later changed name to Mount Everest Trio and in 1975 they released their album ”Waves from Albert Ayler” (Ayler is a big jazz legend).
What to say about this albumt then? Well its really good classic jazz mixed with modern free jazz you got to love it.

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Download link in comments, cheers!


  1. Excellent! Thank you so much!!

  2. Awesome & soulful album!

    kindly greets to all, especially to Nahavanda(Gandalf & Frondo)

  3. Wow i was so surprised by the awesomness of this album. this is the kind of Jazz that i love. none of the 8o's synthezires computer sounds :).
    I need more albums like this!!!1

    THX a lot