Pegasus - "Seems a Long Time Gone" {Germany} [1975] (Kraut Prog Rock)

I couldnt find info at net. Any information welcome.

01. Top Of The Hill
02. Daydream (Dip Dip)
03. In Another Land
04. Seems A Long Time Gone
05. The Days Before

- Charly Kolck - guitar, bass, vocals
- Klaus Peter Kusmann - guitar, vocals
- Dieter Lemke - drums, percussion
- Martin Mueller - bass, guitar, vocals

04. Seems A Long Time Gone...
05. The Days Before...

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  1. Album:
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  2. Here is some info about Pegasus. They still seem to be active.

  3. hi M47,
    yes, 2 members in common:
    Dieter Lemke and Charly Kolck
    thanks a lot for the comment and information

  4. The Crack in the Cosmic Egg says:

    Reputed to be sort of progressive rock band, these were one of those extremely obscure bands that we'd known about since the late-1970's but had never encountered until getting a recording from a friend, though it was hardly worth it. Nothing to do with the Herbert Hildebrand singles band, nor any other Pegasus, these didn't even live up to the review I encountered which said they are "Typical German loud progressive hardrock in the Grave, Kaputter Hamster realm".

    Although SEEMS A LONG TIME GONE only contains five tracks, it's a rather short album and very song based with little in the way of interesting solos or instrumental breaks. Basically, they sound much like many an American rock band of the era, with Country touches, and at best I'd describe them as a little Epitaph like.

    An album called TIMES ARE CHANGING, LP private No. 006 (1982) could be a later album by this band, or maybe it's yet another Pegasus!


  5. hi Nazgul,
    Thanks a lot for the information!
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  6. erghhh ello ello chaps
    cud anyone reupload this for me thnak you

  7. hi mr.phunkytrouserpigeon,
    reupload? why?
    link is ok, rapidshare,badongo,zshare and megaupload works

  8. Rare and excellent! Thank you.

  9. Fairly pedestrian rock album, with a few nods to slightly more complex riffs. Some nice chord changes too.

    It would be interesting to hear a remastered version, as the original vinyl has a very "boxy" sound to it.

    But an interesting slice of history nevertheless.