Nemesis - "Nemesis" {Greece} [1976-8] (unreleased prog lp)

Never released recordings from this great greek band. They played hard progressive rock. All tracks are between 1976-78 but recorded in studio in 1979. Spring of 1980 played support to Socrates. Complex rhythms, lots of guitars, mellotron and keyboards. English vocals. Anazitisi records released this for sometime ago in Lp form at small amounts. You may order one copy from here It quickly become one of my favorite, a true hidden treasure of greek rock history. This is for the friends who enjoy the yes side of prog.

Line Up:
Vasilis Kapanikis - guitars,flute
Chris Vogiatzis - bass,voices
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos - Keyboards,piano,violins
Thanassis Kipenis - Drums
Alexandros Tripidakis - Organ,keyboards

oPuS 22..

Our thanks goes to antony :)


  1. Please could you repost NEMESIS
    the link is deleted

  2. The link is dead?Repost please

  3. new link:

  4. Thank you.Great album.

  5. Unknown for me, many thanks.

  6. Love your blog. I like the gear that keyboard player in NEMESIS is using. Check out my prog page as well. There are lots of articles there.

  7. It appears the shareonall file sharing site has shut down. Like the others have said, if you could re-upload this interesting find that would be awsume. Instrumental sample sounded very well done, can't wait to hear how the vocals sound with the heavy music. Neat blog you have here, much appreciated, lots of albums I have never heard of before. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is a wonderful record. I've heard about it for many I can actually enjoy it...many thanks!
    Do you happen to have the track titles/listings? When I downloaded it, the tracks are listed as: A1, A2, A3, etc,etc. I'd love to know the names of these great songs. If you could provide them, that would be terrific. I checked a couple sites like RYM, and no track listings are available there either.
    Thanks again!