Hugo Filho - "Paraibo" {Brazil} [1978] (Psych/Folk/Fuzz)

Ultra rare - 1978 released by HP (independent label), fantastic Brazilian psychedelic gem wanted by collectors around the world. Songs composed by Hugo Filho, Ze Ramalho, Padua Carvalho.

01 - Paraibô (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
02 - Quem Me Viu Por Aí? (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
03 - Não Me Digam o Que Ser (Zé Ramalho Pádua Carvalho)
04 - Meu Sol (Zé Ramalho Pádua Carvalho)
05 - Quero Você, Você (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
06 - Medo (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
07 - Arcozelo (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
08 - Valsa Para Fabrici (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)


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  5. Realmente, aqui no Brasil não se encontra este disco!

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  8. Bless you Munju for the repost! This thing is amazing...I'm hearing African melodies and even bits of Canterbury in here. What an incredible mix of sounds. A real gem.


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    You've been opening our ears & making us discover fun*tas*tik music!

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    PS: Really DO appreciate all the additional info, background, track list, etc you post w the albums.
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  10. Ze Ramalho has a solid career as a singer-folk-songwriter here in Brazil, but normal people had never heard about this album, neither the other famous psych one, "Paebiru, O Caminho da Montanha do Sol".