Fantasy - "Vivariatum" (1970-76) {UK} [1994] (Prog Rock)

The story of this band started at the Chapel Farm, a farmhouse near Gravesend (Kent) were the band had their first rehearsals. It was the family home of singer Paul Petley, other musicians were Geoff Whitehorn (electric guitar), Paul Lawrence (acoustic guitar/vocals), David Metcalfe (keyboards), David Read (bass guitar) and Brian Chatham (drums), later replaced by John Webster. The lead guitar was by the promising Bob Vann but he died in a car accident, he was replaced by Pete James. The new line-up FANTASY sent a demo tape to the label Decca and changed their name in FIREQUEEN. But Polydor was also interested and they pursuaded the band to sign for them. Again the band decided to change their name, it became FANTASY, a name that fitted more to the style and flavour of the music. The debut album was called "Paint A Picture" and released in '73 (now on CD). Soon FANTASY belonged to the past, the tapes for a next album remained in the vaults of time.

Fortunately the label Audio Archives released these tapes as a CD called "Beyond The Beyond". This one is an absolute beauty and it contains nine very refined compositions with warm vocals and 12-string acoustic guitars, flowing and sensitive electric guitar and lots of Hammond organ and Mellotron. The highlight on this album is the track Alexandrie (almost 9 minutes) with the Mellotron in all its splendor: majestic eruptions and beautiful waves along a typical Sixties sounding organ. A MUST! : : : Erik Neuteboom, The NETHERLANDS : : : Fan & official Prog Archives collaborator

Track Listings
01. Fire-Fire (6:41)
02. Vacuum (4:03)
03. In My Life (3:56)
04. Low Love (4:26)
05. Stardrifting (4:32)
06. I Was Once Aware (3:30)
07. Could It Be Forever (3:55)
08. Fantasy Moods (4:11)
09. Angel (3:24)
10. Alone (4:31)
11. Afterthought - Original version (7:26)

Original recordings re-mixed and produced by Denis Blackham.
Tracks 1, 2, 10 and 11 recorded in 1970; tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 recorded in 1976; track 6 recorded in 1973.

- David Read / bass, double bass, vocals
- Paul Lawrence / 12 string guitar, vocals
- David Metcalfe / keyboards, clarinet, vocals
- Paul Petley / lead vocals
- Peter James / lead guitar, vocals
- Geoff Whitehorn / lead guitar
- Jon Webster / drums

11. Afterthought - Original version...

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  3. Thanks a lot Munju for this rarity.

  4. I love that band! Thanks, Munju!

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  5. Thank you very much for lots of gems you post here, your excellent Prog Not Frog.
    A REQUEST: PLEASE if yo can find, or if you have already, post a NITE PEOPLE-PM album (1969?-1970?)
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  7. Many thanks for this.
    I didn't know that album exists.

    Fantasy was a great group.


  8. Bob Vann did not die in a car crash, he fell off a cliff top on his 18th birthday if you read the sleeve notes to the remaster of Beyond the Beyond. The Award on Paint a Picture was written in his memory. I once took a taxi somewhere in Yorkshire and I always look at the drivers badge in case there is a problem. The driver's name was Vann and when I asked him if he had a relative who played guitar and died young he nearly fell out of his seat and said that it was his cousin. I got him a copy of "Paint a Picture" on CD and when I gave it to him he said that it was like someone walking on his grave.

  9. Incredible album. The sad story adds so much melancholy to the atmosphere :(
    Thank you bobhow for sharing your story :)

    Thanks Munju! You are the man!


  10. Thanks very much for this.Very surprised to stumble upon this but very grateful.Nice to complete the Fantasy collection.