Rohans Horn "II" {Sweden} [2005] (Organ and drum driven psych jam)

Last time i uploaded this sharbee was really strange so I'll try again.
Ok here we got one of the first bands in the second wave of drums and organ from Sweden. Rohans Horn (taken from the Bo Hansson song) plays great psychadelic music with drums and organ. They have often been compared with both Fläsket Brinner and H&K but these guys are more psychadelic and the songs are more jaming.
I know that the sound quality on some songs are not the best but the music are really great. You can almost smell the marijuana smoke when you listen to it.

01 - Intro (01:05)
02 - Det Lider Allt Mot Kvälls (15:14)
03 - The Farstu Boogie (12:35)
04 - Margits Klyfta (08:23)
05 - I Fäders Spår För Framtida Segrar (02:03)
06 - Ejakulationsprocessen (10:14)
07 - Vid Bergets Fot (14:51)
08 - I Elronds Hus (01:54)
09 - Det Lider Allt Mot Morgonstund (11:58)

Best wishes from Sweden
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  10. This is great.
    Do you have any info on the band/lp?
    Is it really from 2005!!? Is it available on lp?
    Thanks for all the great music!