Galère - Épilogue (French Folk Rock)

This group of four musicians including an excellent female singer with a powerful, clear voice created a show based on Ulysse's Odyssey. They recorded two titles from the show's repertoire which can be classed within the trend in French rock represented by ANGE, ATOLL and MONA LISA. Their music was based on the following: an energetic and extremely effective rhythmic section, the singer's very beautiful voice and the furious interventions of an inspired guitarist with an incisive style.

Thanks to Gilles


  1. I do not get rarme - I click and wait and nothing happnens...I click and wait qnd nothing happens...I click and wait and nothing happens...Just what are the directions here?

    I so wanted to hear this lp...

  2. hey, this thing has been deleted. can you reupload? the sample sounds fantastic

  3. some freak fanatic of rarities that thinks he is powerful by having a rare record keeps on deleting the album.

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    If you can let me know so I send u my email ...

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