La Clave - La Clave (1973 Latin Funk Rock)

An incredible album of Latin funk -- the only-ever record from this west coast combo headed by the legendary Benny Velarde! Benny's a name that you might recognize from earlier, straighter Latin dates for Fantasy -- or for countless studio work during the 70s -- but here, he's really got a talent for a funky 70s groove -- and manages to hit a unique space that's somewhere between conventional funk, west coast Latin, and some of the hippest blacksploitation grooves of the time! The album also features some under-credited work from Lalo Schifrin -- who was tied to the project somehow (Velarde claims that the record was killed by MGM upon release because of a feud with Lalo) -- but never really fully credited in the notes. There's a definite link here with some of Schifrin's funkier soundtrack of the period -- a great blend of jazzier elements and headier 70s funk -- all served up with a tightness that has made the record one of our favorite funky treasures for years! Titles include "The Ghetto", "Latin Slide", "Who You Fooling", "Road Runner", "Soul Sauce", "Cocoa Leaf", and "Move Your Hands".

1.Sally go round the roses

2.Angels of mercy

3.Move Your Hand

4.Latin Slide

5.Who you foolin

6.The Ghetto

7.Road Runner

8.Soul sauce

9.Baila mi guaganco

10.Cocoa leaf


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