Void Generator - "We Have Found The Space" {Italy} [2006] (psych prog stoner) Exclusive for Pnf!

One of my hobby is to make Orfeo got bored from me, with telling him my fantasies about opening a pizza delivery store and sending to customers cd-r copies of italian prog bands as a promotion. (hey my dream about coming true, cousin opening a pizza store in the city!! so why not? ;) ) would be a nice marketting & franchasing model out of Italy and people taste "Good Prog" by this way! :) months before i requested him some new bands from Italian new scene. a week later than my request, i got a package from mail, with 6 cds.(thanks a lot man!) i listened all of them, but one of them stayed in my old cd player for a long time. i asked my friend about who is that guyz. he gave me their site. and i just wrote a fan -you guyz great- mail. the reply mail was calm. and we become friends. i must add the groups guitarist/vocalist's passion & knowledge to 70s prog bands that stayed in vinyl amazed me. After opening that myspace, time to time we pop in and look around what is new. I saw a new song from them. and it is really beautiful and this reminds me their album. with a little bit shyness, i knock their door to share the album with PNF. They said go ahead. So my thanks goes to them to give me a chance to introduce that album to you. :)

They also said for the new album we dont wait that much, and even give me some samples from their latest works. I also put one of them to the package. Some information for the band;

On Void Generator's Myspace web site they say that the members are all united by a passion for psychedelia, space rock and stoner music. WOW… is that ever apparent from the music on this album! The band is from Rome, Italy and consists of Gabriele Fiori and Gianmarco Lantaffi on guitars, bass & vocals, Massimo Matrone on synthesizers and Maurizio De Angelis on drums. Their first, self-titled album, was released in 2004 and We Have Found The Space was released this year.

The songs are characterized by hard and heavy metallic space rock 'n roll that brings to mind other contemporary bands like Litmus, First Band From Outerspace and Space Mirrors, but also Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet, and Norwegian psych rockers WE often come to mind. In fact, some of the vocals are a dead ringer for the singer from WE (either Gabriele or Gianmarco). Anyway, it all makes for a deep space rock 'n rolling stoner metallic party in the cosmos. Throughout the album we're slapped around by blazing guitars, a solid rhythm section and trademark space rock electronics, all of which make for a tight and read more here

AstRal Manipulations..

from the upcoming album;
Void GeneRator - Stretched Sunlight..

further more http://www.myspace.com/voidgenerator



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  2. Sounding great. Thanks!


  3. Great album, thx:)

  4. Sounds very promising. Regards from Norway.

  5. Nice music. But huge loud heavy guitar sound.

  6. http://lix.in/e3e732c3

  7. Hey Prognotfrog, I just got around to listening to "Void Generator". Great Post I love (hard/space/prog rock mix) . These guys are great . Thanks for the introduction I will be listening to this for awhile .

  8. ...who the hell are these v.g. guyz ??!! ....LOL...

  9. vocals sound a lot like stoner rock band Black Rainbows!! I'm sure it's that same guy!