Bridges - "Fakkeltog" {Norway} [1980] (prog rock)

A hidden treasure, and one of my favorite from norweigan scene. some copy/paste:

Pål Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen's first group was called Bridges. They released a self-financed LP on the record company Våkenatt in Norway only called "Fakkeltog" (Torch-light procession). 1000 copies were made, but very few of them sold. The music is heavily influenced and inspired by The Doors. This record is the most sought-after record among a-ha fans and you must expect to pay an awful lot of money to get your hands on a copy of this record. ..... The album was produced by Svein Erichsen, mixed by Svein Erichsen and Tore Aarnes. It features Pål Waaktaar on guitar and vocals, Magne Furuholmen on synthesizers, Øystein Jevanord on drums and percussion and Viggo Bondi on bass guitar. The track "Vagrants" features Øivind Nusle and Hans Morten Stensland on violins, Svein Ivar Fors and Elisabeth Moe on cello, Ingvil Kaalhus on obo. "September" features Gro Hanne Fors and Sissel Grønlund on tumpets. The songs, arrangements and lyrics are all by Pål except for "Vagrants" which is arranged by Erik Nygaard. The songs on this album are all sung in English. This is the only album released by Bridges, the band started another album by the name of "Poem" but it was never published. The a-ha song "This Alone Is Love" features song text from the Bridges songs "May The Last Dance Be Mine" ("It will make my last breath pass out at dawn It will make my body dissolve out in the blue") and slightly adapted lyrics from "Every Mortal Night" ("Travel by trap-doors our souls are a myrid of wars And we are losing everyone"). more here. thanks to RD :)

The Oncoming of Day..



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