Jazz Orkestar Radio-Televizije Beograd {Yugoslavia} 1978 (jazz fusion)

"..In 1978 RTB Big Band celebrated the 30th anniversary by releasing this double album consisted of recent works recorded from March 73 - February 77. The title wasn't as imaginative as the music itself and it was just called 1948-1978 that was a bit misleading for the contest of the album. It had a small inscription at the back of the cover saying "With Guests" so also it might be known under this name as well. Guests in this case on some of the recordings were Dusko Gojkovic, Alan Skidmore, Gerd Dudek, Bora Rokovic. The well known track "Balkan Express" made the original record sought after and quite expensive but very few had a chance to actually hear the whole album."


more at http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-34/cs-34.html


  1. merry christmas to all at prog,peace be with you all.

  2. merry christmas!

    i was wondering, how do you post the audio clips on odeo, do you record them on your mic from the speakers or is there a way to upload the mp3?

    thnks, and have a good day! :D

  3. Beautifull album, can't stop listening to it, thank you for posting!

  4. thanks friends, about your question fino;

    well 2 years before for the first members can easily add mp3s with just uploading tracks like you upload to the rapidshare..then odeo change its policy..old members can still add tracks..but others not :( thats why my mates here use different miniplayers also..it adds some fun to the posts :) there are lotsa good choices nowadays to host mp3s as mini players, for me just it become easy to use it almost 1.5 years..nothing special with odeo

  5. Just discovered this post. I would ask you to remove a download links as this album is still available at my site: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-34/cs-34.html and oat some other shops.
    Zeljko Kerleta