...Some folk and pop music from {Burma-Tibet-Bhutan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan}

Well I think we should give the music from different countries a chans so I give you these three VA albums
I dunno anything about the musicans and wich year some of the recordings have been made. I do know that they are med between the late 50's and early 70's . I think that it is pretty cool stuff.

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Best wishes from Sweden
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  1. Im trying to use sharebee this time Im not so familiar with it. I think you folks knows it better
    Copy and paste the links into your web browser.

    http://sharebee.com/e8ca2dba : Uzbek and Agfanistan music

    http://sharebee.com/17956fa0 : Folk an pop music from Burma (Myanmar)

    http://sharebee.com/d023b375 : Tibetanian and Bhutanese instrumental and folk music

  2. finaly some intresting folk music keep up the good work prog not frog

  3. I'm Giving this a go Prog Not Frog dude.

    I know Essa Kassimi 's The art of Rabab" CD which is Afgan ragas that are essenical for all who love Indian ragas! Top notch stuff!

    I've looked and NO blog has it!?

    Did ya hear Ceptic Frog (S Africa)69 rehearsal tape?

    Thats all frog n Heavy


  4. Cool!Thank you.............
    You're the best