Chakra-Chakra (1979) US

This is another rarity for all you froggers, this an almost impossible to find album by the american band Chakra, i didnt found too much info about this so all i can say is that very mystical lyrics and excellent and rare prog is waiting for you ...enjoy!

luz, amor y vida


  1. Sounds interesting, checking it out right away. Thanks!

  2. Nice album by this US -Progressive act that something like YES or Gentle Gigant. The band was from Redondo Beach-California and released this album in 1979 on BrotherStudio (BS15). I think they were religous or something becuse if Im not completly wrong the lyrics had some christian themes. But a nice album :)
    Thx man

  3. I am looking for this long time .

  4. That must be special! Thanks for the share!

  5. How in the world did you people ever get my album....Wrote and produced several children's projects Hanna Barbera, Rhino, Nick...wrote several musicals and shit like that....Don't sing anymore but am actually going to at a concert in louisville ky. Jan 13th
    I don' t have this did you get it?

  6. Woah, happened upon this post, and looks like Dave did too (that's David Lamb, Chakra vocalist in the last post), BTW, we were a lot better live--the half-inch 8-tack we recorded on caused us to cut back (and the lack of any kind of reverb at the backyard studio didn't help). Hey, but just had to chime in--glad you found and enjoy the album. I keep threatening to take time to put together a website with pix and some rare recordings...

    Nigel Redmon (keyboards, Chakra)

  7. Wow!! I've been looking for this one!! Thanks!!!