Anaïd - "Four Years" {France} [1991] (jazz fusion)

If I remember correctly, a request for this album appeared some time ago at the PnF forum, in the thread related to zeuhl. Despite being included into several zeuhl reference lists on the web (which, I think, is exactly what arouses the interest on the part of zeuhl lovers), this album rather falls into a jazz category. There are occasional slides into heavy jazz-rock - especially on the tracks featuring Hugh Hopper and his distinguished bass work - but overall it is inventive, bright and limpid jazz fusion with some funky touches and very strong and artistic vocal appearence by Emmanuelle Lionet. "Four Years" is the band's only CD release. It includes the complete "Belladonna" LP album, as well as two tracks from an earlier cassette release named "Vêtue De Noir". Jazz fusion lovers will probably find it pretty enjoyable.


Emmanuelle Lionet - vocals
Jean-Max Delva - drums, keyboards, vibraphone
Patrice Meyer, Rick Biddulph - guitar
Pierre-Marie Bonafos - saxophone
Sophia Domancich, Patrick Morgenthaler - piano
Hugh Hopper, Rick Biddulph, Jean-Marc Houssepian - bass
Christian Hossaine, Jean-Luc Ditsch - drums


1. Azalia 4:50
2. Belladona 9:23
3. Arabesque 5:42
4. Vetue de noir 7:18
5. Ikebana 4:44
6. Heart break 4:25
7. Spa 7:21
8. Nord-Sud 4:49
9. Clementine 5:10
10. Sea and saw 5:13

The download link is to be found in the comments.


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  4. The link is dead...can you please re-upload? This is impossible to find anywhere for us Hugh Hopper completists!

  5. Same here. A re-upload would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.