Mu "Compilation" "Disk 1 - California 1971-1972" "Disk 2 - Hawaii 1974" {USA} [70's] (Psych)

A Merrel Fankhauser band that I prefer to love due to the Jeff Cotton days (aka Jeff Cotton of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band).

Disk 1 is great (lots of Jeff Cotton influences) 12 tracks of brilliance that hold beats similar to the Beef himself (imho Cpt Beefheart is the most inventive musician ever). I would say that Disk 1 of this is an Essential for anyone interested in Psych music.

Disk 2 however loses Cotton and (although ok) is not what I would call essential. By this time Mu had become more of a Merrel Fankhauser project and I am not truly a fan of his (although I have all the recorded works of his that I know of).
I remember my friend at school having an album Lemurian Legends and cannot find any references to this at all on the www so if anyone knows anything about the Lemurian Legends album I will be grateful. Hi "Tab" if you are out there and looking here - Thanks for all the sounds back then when we were 17 or 18.
We were at the Brinkburn Grammar School in England (oops - I forgot - This is about Mu - Not my checkered past).

Disc 1 (with Cotton)
01. Ain't No Blues
02. Ballad Of Brother Lew
03. Blue Form
04. Interlude
05. Nobody Wants To Shine
06. Eternal Thirst
07. Too Naked For Demetrius
08. Mumbella Baye Tu La
09. The Clouds Went That Way
10. You've Been Here Before
11. One More Day
12. On Our Way To Hana

Disc 2 (Merrel)
01. The Land Of Mu
02. Make A Joyful Noise
03. Haleakala
04. Blue Jay Blue
05. Showering Rain
06. I Saw Your Photograph
07. It's Love That Sings The Song
08. You And I
09. Calling From A Star
10. Waiting For The Sun
11. Children Of The Rainbow
12. Who Will Write This Song
13. Daybreak Sunshine
14. Drink From The Fountain
15. The Love We Bare
16. In Mu
17. You're Not The Only One
18. End Of An Era
19. Earth News Interview
20. The Awakening



  2. Great album. I have it. Your blog continues Brilliant......
    Do you have Colin Bass??????

  3. Re: 'Lemurian Legends'. Are you confusing this with the UK release of the first Mu album which had the title as 'Lemurian Music' on the record labels (but not on the cover)? See my website for more about Jeff Cotton and Merrell Fankhuaser -

  4. Sorry I dont have Colin Bass...

    Thank you very much Steve. I love your pages and am also a fan of both Beefheart and Cotton. I may well be confusing the Lemurian Music with Lemurian Legends - But I do remember my mate doing me a tape (reel to reel) copy and I just remembered it as that name - We are talking 34 years ago and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then so who knows?
    Perhaps just a small glitch in the memory banks :o)

  5. Really great blog, i now it since a few months.

    You, who are very rich in rare albums, have you got Shylock's "Ile De Fièvre" ?

  6. I wish i had beefhart and his magic album :(

  7. Too strange.. in my opinion is the contrary: disc 1 is too commom, almost pop music ( forgive me to write this!) and disc 2 is much more psych rock. But, the all disc is just a good pysch band, nothing special.