Hansford Rowe "No Other" {Canada} [1999] (Progressive Jazz Rock)

Looks like everything in the New Year is all about HANDS on Prog Not Frog. And i give you this little masterpiece from Hansford Rowe. A solo album from a Bass Player who grace many a Gong and Gongzilla album and even Mike Oldfield - Platinum.

I love to listen to music like this. Truthful, honest and accurate. Every track is a Gem. Of course Hansford is accompanied by Bon Lozaga his long term friend and that all helps to create a tight sound.

I am reminded of my dearest internet friend Elevator Tech (Canadian). I hope one day he reads this as he is a good person and lifted my heart ABOVE the dross that most of us live out. HAIL Don Potter and Phil Keaggy!

Sorry for that - But you only meet people you really care about occasionally on the net and you got to call them into your heart occasionally. This album seems to have drifted out of sight but I think it is worth remembering. I like the way it moves.

Well - All I can say is that THIS is wonderful music that is thought out and performed to perfection. I am happy to be questioned. Love Above Gold friends.


  1. Wouahhhh !
    Vraiment très bon.
    Merci pour cette découverte.

  2. Wow, This is great!!
    Thanks for this very good music!

  3. wonderful album, very enjoyable
    thank you ;)

  4. Salut,
    Just stumbled onto this blog. Thanks for the warm thoughts about my one and only solo album. Have a look at what I'm doing with Gongzilla these days when you have a moment.

    Cheers et merci,

  5. Thank you kindly :o)

    Looking now - I love Gongzilla.

    Listening to them regular.

    Checking the myspace link now.

  6. http://lix.in/2aacfc

    Is new link - Some Anti Virus programs say the other link had a virus - Caused by TinyURL - I don't know why.