Wulf Zendik - "Zendik - The Album" {USA} [1972] (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock)

"Zendik arts" is an international community founded in 1969 by Wulf Zendik himself. They create CDs, teach philosophies, humanities and politics in the principles established by Wulf Zendik. Writer, thinker and global artist, Zendik started his career in musical industry during the 60’s. He first invented an instrument which could accompany his voice; 8-stringed instrument which is a cross between a sitar and guitar. We can hear this improvisational and unique musical manifestation in the lonely and introspect “Wulfsong”. Along his career he fully expressed his own conception of music under several projects: The Zendik communal group during the late 60’s / the Zendik Communal Orgastra in the 80’s. He recorded several albums under his name ("Dance of the cosmic warriors" in 1987...). The music is orientated to Eastern like raga with astonishing vocals and weird bluesy psychedelic jams. A forgotten legend. Philippe Blache, FRANCE. http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=2681

Track Listings
01. Strontium Rain (11:52)
02. Purple Blaze (6:03)
03. Yang/Yin (13:56)
04. When She Strays (4:51)
05. Ancient in My Eyes (8:37)
06. Jewels and Things (4:57)
07. This Muziké (6:49)

- Zendik Tribe with Wulf

02. Purple Blaze ...
03. Yang/Yin ...
04. When She Strays ...

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  1. Links:
    Part 1:
    - Part 1/2: http://lix.in/-3bbbf0
    - Part 2/2: http://lix.in/-35a2d4
    Part 2: http://lix.in/-372457

  2. I'm having a hard time extracting these files. They might have been an error rar-ing them. Did anyone else have this problem?

  3. Hello Jon,

    ProgNotFrog-Wulf Zendik.part1.rar = ProgNotFrog-Wulf Zendik.part1.part1.rar + ProgNotFrog-Wulf Zendik.part1.part2.rar
    then keep the files ProgNotFrog-Wulf Zendik.part1.rar and ProgNotFrog-Wulf Zendik.part2.rar within same folder and then extract

    I needed to split the part1 in two parts because I can not complete the upload by 3 attempts in sharebee, then is a little confusing. I'm sorry

    Enjoy :o)

  4. zendik part1.part2. is kallabash corps

  5. Can't extract them in any way!i get just song 6+7.

  6. i've just downloaded these 3 files and are working, besides that, more then 150 people have already downloaded this files and only 2 people complained about

    check it:

    part1 = 95,7MB (part1.part1 = 51MB) + (part1.part2 = 47,2MB)
    part2 = 31,5MB

    keep the files part1 and part2 within same folder and then extract

    good luck! :o)

  7. Actually "Zendik.part1.part1" is incomplete on zshare. Get it from Megaupload.

  8. part 1: http://lix.in/-34ce21 (new link 95MB)
    Part 2: http://lix.in/-372457

  9. Thanks a lot Isabel! I'm getting this wonderful music to listen to it when I get back to the camp! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!


  10. Hello Oracus,
    you are welcome, keep listen
    take care my friend

  11. I have tried to download this several times, I can extract all the songs except track 05- Ancient in My Eyes

  12. link to track 05- Ancient in My Eyes - http://lix.in/-33548b

  13. I understand the first archive was split in 2, and then there was a third. In that case, the third had 'expired'.

    Someone was kind enough to up both parts of the first archive into one. However the second archive (song 5,6,and 7 I believe), is still expired. It is expired in both links.

    If someone could up that last archive, It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for the great music!

  14. ==================================
    2 options for download (all links tested)

    Part 1 (48.83MB+47.2MB):
    ..........Part 1/2: http://lix.in/-3bbbf0 (megaupload, rapidshare, zshare)
    ..........Part 2/2: http://lix.in/-35a2d4 (megaupload, rapidshare, zshare)
    Part 2 (31.52MB): http://lix.in/-372457 (megaupload, zshare, badongo)


    Part 1 (95.78MB): http://lix.in/-34ce21 (megaupload, zshare, rapdishare, badongo)
    Part 2 (31.52MB): http://lix.in/-372457 (megaupload, zshare, badongo)

  15. more Zendik here >> http://ezhevika.blogspot.com/2006/10/zendik-farm-orgaztra-danze-of-cozmic.html ;)

  16. When I lived in Austin, TX a few years ago, members of the Zendik Tribe would walk around the main drag near the University of Texas selling cassettes and newsprint 'zines. The Tribe members tended to look like post-apocalyptic hippies. Being a big fan of outsider music, I bought all I could but lost it all when I moved, so thanks for this!