Bag - "Trip Dream / Nothing Will Remain (Single)" {Netherlands} [1969]

BAG was one of the more than excellent bands on the Amsterdam progressive mini-label Flame (of Don Peijters). Due to the very limited edition of the vinyl and a minimum of contracted bands, the original issues are very much sought after bij collectors.
"BAG" is derived from the term "bagism", a form of art created by Yoko Ono before she met John Lennon.
The band only existed 3 months, and produced 1 single on Flame: "Trip Dream (M. Krijnen) / Nothing will remain". Especially Trip Dream is an excellent composition with fantastic guitarplay, that could have been on de first Pink Floyd LP without problems.

- Leo Schelvis: lead guitar/second guitar
- Michel Krijnen: bass
- Arthur Mesritz: drums
- Richard Koh †: rhytm guitar/vocals

The single was recorded in one basetake and three overdubs in the famous Baambrugge Studio, where, among others, the Beach Boys worked their LP "Holland".

Trip Dream
Nothing Will Remain

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  1. Thanks for this - I thought it was really great- any more where this came from in the floyd-inspired vein?

  2. hi gandt,
    this text is not mine but listen the album Pink Floyd - "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" - 1967, you may find an answer

  3. hi munju! its been a while. i would like to ask if you can help identify this artist. i really like this track specially those neat guitar leads. i manage to find the chords in the beginning so i can play along with it lol.

  4. Hi LUV the job you do in finding music know one else posts, I missed this when it was posted on your blog in 2006. This band was one residend in a clud in Wellington NZ.
    Mantis - Turn Onto Music [1973] @192 (fiji hard rock)
    Hoping that you could repost this for me.

    Yours PaulNZ

  5. hi IR e L a IXI,
    nice song! but I don't know this song or artist, sorry :(

  6. hi PaulNZ,
    uploading Mantis :)

  7. hi PaulNZ,

    new link "Mantis" here:


  8. hi,
    you`d posted bill clint "the crying of a generation" on your pnf forum.
    some other bloggers posted this too, but track 3 + 8 are corrupt.
    is it possible to reup the files ?
    please !!!

  9. hi kai,
    link from ProgNotFrog - Forum
    all tracks good


  10. Hi Thanks for the new link much appreciated

    Yours PaulNZ