Malvasia - "Malvasia" {Italy} (1979) (folk)

I couldnt find info at net, Somewhere it says private italian folk, and those 3 words perhaps the only information (at least i found) A hidden treasure. Any informations welcome.

valzeR peR SiGlindA..


  1. wonderful!! no one can't help but be charmed, thanks a lot <3

  2. great find, nahavanda!
    Malvasia was the trio of Piero Brega, Francesco Giannattasio (just after the demise of the exceptional Canzoniere del Lazio)and one Piazza. Lp came out on Fonit Cetra in 1978.

  3. Many Thanx for this Malvasia LP
    which I'm now downloading...
    I'm a Canzoniere del Lazio superfan, and that's the one (among their side projects) I've
    been looking for since...1995?
    Sadly, the 2 hidden gems from CdL,
    1974 'Lassa sta la me creatura' and 1975 'Spirito Bono' are still to be transferred on CD...
    In one phrase, CdL were Italy's STEELEYE SPAN plus a bit of Jazz Rock !

    Luca Mururoa, Turin, ITALY

  4. Nice, my own old LP was exhausted.
    Let me add this: after Canzoniere's splitting, organetto player Francesco Giannattasio joined the group of late folksinger Caterina Bueno, as did the gifted Andrea Piazza (celtic harp,organetto,many bagpipes...) Then they founded Malvasia with Piero Braga and the brothers Marcello and Massimo Pastorello.
    This LP is the only one of this group, best ever in italian modern folk ( except maybe Ricardo Tesi's Banditaliana ), as unfortunately Malvasia splitted within a couple of years.
    - Francesco Giannattasio is now a musicologist and university teacher.
    - Asked to join some pop-folk celebrities, Andrea Piazza turned refused these commercial proposals, and stopped playing on tour.
    - Sorry, I don't know anything else about the others...

  5. "Siglinda" is Siglinda Scarpa, who was married to Andrea Piazza for some time. She designed the artwork for the album cover. Siglinda now lives in Pittsboro, NC, USA. She is an artist, sculptor and the founder of The Goathouse Refuge, a homeless cat sanctuary where I volunteer and am the webmaster. She has some great stories about her times with Andrea. :)